2014 BMW M235i Already Spotted in Leipzig

Not even 2 weeks passed since BMW officially unveiled the brand new BMW 2 Series and we're already seeing the new models rolling down German streets.
2014 BMW M235i 4 photos
2014 BMW M235i Spotted in Leipzig2014 BMW M235i Spotted in Leipzig2014 BMW M235i Spotted in Leipzig
The range-topping BMW M235i was just spotted in Leipzig, this weekend, inside a parking lot, wearing factory license plates, waiting to be picked up. The interior seems to be decked with some checkered flag motifs that might not be the best choice but other than that, the car looks plain and simple.

This is also the only 6-cylinder car in the 2 Series range, all the other models being fitted with variations of the same 2-liter petrol or diesel engines. The M235i has 326 HP and 450 Nm (332 lb-ft) of torque at its disposal to keep the 1,400 kg mass on the move at all times.

Unfortunately, we can only expect the new model to show up in our showrooms around spring next year but until then, we'll be waiting for you spots around the cities you live in.

Via: Autogespot


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