2013 Rieju RS3 50, Small Racing Engine in a Big Racing Body

If you're not of age to own a class A driving license but are looking to ride something else than a scooter, the 2013 Rieju RS3 50 is one of the really nifty choices out there. This bike comes with a small 50cc-class engine, but since it's derived from the RS2 racing series, you can expect nice surprises.
Rieju RS3 50 11 photos
Rieju RS3 50Rieju RS3 50Rieju RS3 50Rieju RS3 50Rieju RS3 50Rieju RS3 50Rieju RS3 50Rieju RS3 50Rieju RS3 50Rieju RS3 50
The 2013 Rieju RS3 50 is a scaled-down version of a racing bike and boasts a lot of technology to make things fast, safe, comfortable and fun. Top-drawer inverted Showa forks make sure steering is precise and the bike can ride well on a variety of roads, with the 280/220mm disc brakes offering a firm and dependable stopping power.

The 50cc 2-stroke liquid-cooled engine is a Yamaha-Minarelli NG unit, and not only does it pack more punch than you'd expect, it is also ready for some tuning. The 6-speed manual transmission offers exceptional thrust and will help the rider get the best from the Rieju RS3 50. Young riders can use the Rieju RS3 50 to train their shifting skills, but the bike will also feel natural as a high-mileage commuter for experienced riders, as well.

The massive 12 L (3.1 gal) tank comes with an additional 1.1 L (0.29 gal) oil tank for separate mixing and provides a huge range. Available in black and white, the Rieju RS3 50 is one really good-looking small-displacement starter bike.


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