2013 Nissan Patrol Tested

Even though nobody mentions this, the Nissan Patrol is some sort of an official vehicle for dune jumping. You’ll see plenty of Patrols in each tour that gives tourists a desert adventure. We didn’t want to be thrown up in the air by some guy we had just met, so we decided to do some desert driving of our own. Thus, our 2013 Nissan Patrol test drive was born.
2013 Nissan Patrol 1 photo
The three tons of steel show no mercy for the rugged terrain, so all you have to do in order to survive a long drive out in the wild is to make sure you have the necessary water and food supplies - this is also a good excuse to eat some extra chocolate.

The humongous trail of sand behind us leads to an overfed dune that brings a jump which shakes us altogether during the landing. We feel the pain, but, again, the Patrol is ready for some more.

In fact, we’re asking ourselves is the warm lines of the interior aren’t in fact laughing at the fragility of our bodies. The answer involves some more full-throttle driving and can be found in our 2013 Nissan Patrol test drive.


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