1939 Bucker Bu 131 Jungmann Trained Pilots of the Other Side, Still Impressive

For a while now we have been enjoying winged machines from the past, sitting on the airfields of the world as they wait to take to the skies once more. We’ve had anything from literal war hero warbirds to less impressive, but perhaps equally as important trainers. But if you’ve been following us, then you know that for the most part we only talked about what the Allies had in their arsenal back then.
1939 Bucker Bu 131 Jungmann 5 photos
1939 Bucker Bu 131 Jungmann1939 Bucker Bu 131 Jungmann1939 Bucker Bu 131 Jungmann1939 Bucker Bu 131 Jungmann
The reason behind this is relatively simple. As the winning side, the Allies managed to get out of the war with a lot of their hardware intact. Not the same can be said about the Axis powers, who not only suffered immense losses during the fighting, but also had to get rid of most of what was left after peace settled in.

So finding a Bücker Bü 131 Jungmann not only intact, but also apparently airworthy, is not something that happens every day.

The Jungmann was a heavy presence in the life of Luftwaffe pilots as they were getting ready to wage war. The biplane was made in large numbers, with about 5,000 of them rolled out to support the needs of Germany, but also those of most of the country’s allies during the war.

The Jungmann may not look impressive on paper, but we all know how talented many of the German pilots turned out to be. The two-seater had a maximum speed lower than what some cars are capable today, 183 kph (114 mph), and had a range of just 650 km (400 miles). Being a trainer, it carried no weapons.

The surviving example we have here is located in Switzerland, showing according to the seller on Platinum Fighters just under 2,250 hours of total time since new. The machine seems to still be in working order, but the price for it is only available upon request.

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