18-Wheeler Pushes Mercedes-Benz For Over 1 Mile on I-35 in Texas, After Crash

Here’s a sight you don’t see too often. Or at all. An 18-wheeler pushed a Mercedes-Benz SLK with the driver inside for over 1 mile down Interstate 35 North, in Texas.
18-wheeler pushes Mercedes-Benz on Texas highway 5 photos
Tesla Model S vs. semi truck crashTesla Model S vs. semi truck crashTesla Model S vs. semi truck crashTesla Model S vs. semi truck crash
The accident happened last week, with videos shot by another driver, Adrian Lopez, and posted to Facebook, going viral within hours. Once you check them out, you will understand why: the scene is something out of “Mad Max: Fury Road.”

Lopez says that the massive rig drove like this, with the SLK pinned to its front, for over 1 mile. Commenters to his post assumed that this was some kind of road rage incident, where the 18-wheeler driver took it out on the poor guy in the Mercedes, by showing him who was king of the road.

That wasn’t the case, San Antonio Police tell My San Antonio. In fact, the only reason why such a strange sight became possible is that the driver of the truck wasn’t aware of any accident. To put it simply: the 18-wheeler was too massive for him to feel the impact with the Benz.

“The luxury vehicle, driven by Leon Morris, 58, entered I-35 around 1 p.m. from North Main Avenue and merged into the second lane from left,” the report says. “At the same time, the semitruck merged from the left lane into the same lane as the Mercedes and struck the car.”

The driver of the 18-wheeler continued on his way until he finally realized what had happened. By that time, Lopez had already made his videos.

“However, due to the obvious difference in size, the 18 wheeler did not initially feel the crash and continued driving,” the police report states. “A short time later the drive noticed something was wrong and immediately pulled over. There were no indications of any road rage and no intentional acts and the contributing factor was listed as driver inattention.”

Morris was hospitalized with minor injuries. The driver of the 18-wheeler wasn’t injured, but he was pretty “shook” when the cops arrived on the scene.

*Warning: Please be advised that the footage contains language that might offend.


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