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15 LaFerrari Hypercars Show Up for Cavalcade Rally in 2015

The 2015 edition of the Cavalcade is the fourth and best one yet. We saw that awesome silver F12 TRS, and there was even a P4/5 by Pininfarina. However, the most shocking event was the sheer number of LaFerraris that turned up.
15 LaFerrari Hypercars Show Up for Cavalcade Rally in 2015 1 photo
We can't say for sure how many there were. We've seen one video with 10 of them, another with 12, and there's one where supercar spotter Marchetino says there were 15 in total, but they were never seen in the same spot. Since he's been invited to some official events in Maranello, we trust his numbers.

To be allowed to enter in the Cavalcade, Ferrari demanded all participants to have at least 5 of their cars in the garage. However, that's probably not a problem for a LaFerrari owner. What is a problem is spending over a million euros on a brand new hypercar and seeing ten others just like it (most are red).

We can imagine that most of these owners know each other on a first-name basis. The world's biggest gathering of LaFerraris brought together about 14,000 horsepower, 18 cylinders and enough money to buy a Picasso.

Considering there are 499 such exotics in the world, you guys are looking at 3% of the total number of LaFerraris.

Naturally, there are many videos of this rare sight, but our favorite is the one below, showing 13x LaFerraris, a 488 GTB and several 458 Speciale Apertas on the Circuito nVallelunga. It's one of the hardest tracks in Italy and one of the LaFerraris crashed there.

Editor's note: Oh, so this is the petrolhead heaven I've been dreaming recently.

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