1,100 HP Twin-Turbo IS 300 Is Not Your Average Lexus

If in good condition, a 2002 Lexus IS 300 is the kind of rear-wheel-drive sedan that can teach you a thing or two about the communication between the driver and the machine. Nevertheless, the example you'll be able to see in the video below has just one purpose, namely getting to the other side of a quarter mile as fast as possible.
1,100 HP Twin-Turbo IS 300 1 photo
We're dealing with one of those unusual builds that see a Lexus being gifted with an LSx. On top of that, Dedicated Motorsports, the crew that handles the build, added a pair of 67mm turbos, which, for now, deliver 25 lbs of boost.

Using this setup, the Lex delivers 1,100 hp, but the adventure won't stop here. The crew plans to dial the boost to 30 lbs, which would probably place this IS in the 1,300 hp league.

Such challenges are not without their risks, though. For instance, the team came across a crack in the 5.3-liter block just two weeks before the TX2K16 drag racing competition that saw the car demonstrating its performance earlier this year. And yes, a new block was required, so the crew did what they had to do.

Speaking of performance, this Lexus can complete the 1,320 feet sprint in 8.76 seconds. In fact, the Texan drag racing event mentioned above saw the sedan grabbing the Fastest IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) GM 6-Speed record.

And while such records can easily fall overnight, as we mentioned above, this Lexus is the kind of work-in-progress project, so it might just be prepared to take back its title, should anybody else claim it. Until any change occurs, we're inviting you to check out the manic mechanical mashup in the piece of footage below.

Oh, and let's not forget to hold a slight moment of silence in the memory of all the rubber this Lexus killed during the event.

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