NISSAN Leaf Models/Series Timeline, Specifications & Photos

Generations: 3
First production year: 2010
Engines: Electric
Body style: Hatchback

2022 - Present

Nissan upgraded the second generation of the Leaf, the first mass-market electric vehicle in the world, and increased both the look and the onboard safety systems of the compact-sized EV. When the first generation of the Leaf was introduced on the market in 2010, it was the ugly duck of the family, but the one that won the 2011 World Car of The Year award. While it wasn't exactly the best bet in the compact segment, it was actually the best offer for an electric vehicle. It proved that the electric mobility was feasible, despite having a network of chargers at its disposal. But th...

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2017 - 2022

The second generation Nissan Leaf was unveiled in September 2017 showing up with a more futuristic look that entirely got rid of the previous 'squished frog' appearance. Leaving the awesome edgy design aside, the new Leaf can also go further on a single charge and has more power and torque than before. The new Nissan LEAF features three main new intelligent driving technologies. The first is ProPILOT advanced driver assistance system. Used during single-lane driving on the highway, it makes the drive easier, less stressful and more relaxing. The second, ProPILOT Park, will chang...

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  NISSAN Leaf 40 Kw (150 HP)

  NISSAN Leaf e+ 62 Kw (218 HP)


2010 - 2017

The first generation of the Leaf was a big punch against the internal combustion car market. Even though it wasn't the first electric car, it was the first that mattered. After a few delays in production, the first Nissan Leaf was launched in 2010. To make the car appealing, it was marketed as a compact hatchback vehicle. It was launched at the same time in Japan and in the U.S. It was the first affordable electric vehicle that could run 160 km (100 miles) on one charge and it could have been recharged from a regular power outlet at home. The charging stations were a dream in 2010. ...

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  NISSAN Leaf 24 kW (109 HP)

  NISSAN Leaf 30 kWh (109 HP)