Audi Ends Up Sandwiched Between a Chevy and a BMW: You Can't Park There, Sir!

Audi A4 sandwiched between a Chevy and a BMW 8 photos
Photo: Wellesley Police
Audi A4 sandwiched between a Chevy and a BMWAudi A4 sandwiched between a Chevy and a BMWAudi A4 sandwiched between a Chevy and a BMWAudi A4 sandwiched between a Chevy and a BMWAudi A4 sandwiched between a Chevy and a BMWAudi A4 sandwiched between a Chevy and a BMWAudi A4 sandwiched between a Chevy and a BMW
An Audi driver from Massachusetts found a hell of a way to park, damaging his car and two others in the process. He squeezed between two stationary vehicles, ending up sandwiched between the two. Initial investigation shows that the driver pressed the acceleration pedal instead of braking.
Looking for a parking spot in the parking lot of a grocery store is quite a race. You have to scan the area in search of a space big enough for your car, as other drivers are doing the exact same thing at the exact same time.

On Monday, at around 11:30Police received multiple calls informing them that a car was lodged between two others in the parking lot of a grocery store. The car had gone airborne before landing on the hood of a BMW X5, then falling between it and a Chevrolet Equinox.

In his attempt to find a place where to leave his car, he did this: parked sideways, right between two cars already parked in Wellesley, Massachusetts, in a 'You can’t park there, Sir!' kind of crash.

The Wellesley Police shared a video from the parking lot, showing the Audi A4 driver's bizarre parking manner on former Twitter/current X. People gathered around to see the three cars in a gathering.

The incident took place outside the Roche Brothers supermarket. The Audi A4 ended up between a BMW X5 and a Chevrolet Equinox. The airbags of the Audi were deployed. Squashed between the airbags and with the car leaning on one side, the driver was stuck in his car. He needed assistance from the rescue team to get out.

The crash gave the fire department quite a headache as they tried to un-sandwhich the cars. To set the three vehicles free, the Wellesley Fire Department tied the wheels of the Audi while reversing the BMW X5 from underneath it. Afterward, they managed to bring the Audi with all four wheels back on the ground.

The driver of the Audi suffered no visible injuries but was transported to Newton Wellesley Hospital to be evaluated. They are going to have to do a lot of explaining in their conversation with the insurance agent.

Luckily, the drivers of the other two vehicles were not on board and there were no pedestrians around at the moment of the crash.

The cars were towed away. The BMW X5 ended up with a crumpled hood and a broken windshield, while the kidney grille was ripped off and lying on the grass in front of the car. Both the BMW and the Chevrolet suffered serious damage on the side.

The incident is under investigation by Wellesley Police Officers. Those who saw the incident claim that it might be a case of pedal confusion.

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