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You Can Now Build Your BMW Online Using M Performance Parts

The recent offensive on the OEM+ tuning scene from BMW wasn’t all that random. Today they announced a plethora of new parts will be making their world debut at the Essen Motor Show later this month and this move was perfectly in tune with other changes around the world.
BMW 3 Series with M Performance Parts 1 photo
We just caught word that starting today you can configure your BMW online and include M Performance parts in the mix, to see exactly how your car would look like with them.

Up until today, the M Performance Parts were part of a special catalogue that you’d find at dealers but you couldn’t really see how your car would look like with them until you actually got it and installed them yourself.

Furthermore, the same tuning parts had to be retrofitted to your car after it arrived, meaning you couldn’t just take delivery of your ride with them already on. With the new system we’re guessing that’s no longer an issue.

To emphasize the new options, BMW published a new video on Youtube, called Magnetic. It’s rather interesting and amusing at times, especially looking at the hilarious rendering included at the end of the video.

We checked and it’s true, you can configure your car with some M Performance parts but the entire catalogue is still missing. Furthermore, not all cars can be virtually fitted with the aforementioned bits and pieces but only a small margin, from the 2 Series to the 3 and 4 Series, the rest of the range being rather limited.

For these three models you can tick options like the black kidney grilles, M Performance wheels and carbon mirror caps. Check out the US configurator to see for yourself.


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