You Can No Longer Pay $10 to Watch Ferrari and Maserati Exotics Inside This Casino in Vegas

Spending cash on a regular basis in the hopes you’ll finally hit the jackpot is no big news; heck, they built an entire city just for that in the desert. What we find quite enticing is that this particular place also charged people ten bucks so that they could admire Ferrari and Maserati exotics. Sure, if their pockets were stuffed enough, perhaps they even went home in one.
Ferrari-Maserati dealership inside the Wynn Las Vegas casino and hotel closed this weekend 1 photo
However, like all good things on this planet (is good the right word here, we wonder), according to Automotive News, the Ferrari-Maserati dealership inside the Wynn Las Vegas casino and hotel closed this weekend. Are you waving goodbye to what could have been your only chance to get an Italian exotic? Perhaps we should just listen to the ancient saying and leave what happens in Vegas... well, in Vegas.

“We felt that by selling it to somebody that’s in the marketplace, they could still service Las Vegas customers,” said Anthony Pordon, Penske’s executive vice president for investor relations and corporate development. A result of a 10-year partnership between Penske Automotive Group and Wynn Las Vegas, the dealership will, however, reopen at a new location once the deal is sealed.

Nevertheless, as opposed to what some would think, it’s not the number of sales that made them decide to close the store. After all, Penske has two other Ferrari-Maserati shops in the U.S., in Phoenix and North Edison, N.J.

We’re not quite into betting that much - minus the regular poker playing with the boys now and then - but we can tell you this much: we’d probably place most of our cash in betting if winning a Ferrari were included in the prize. In fact, not knowing about this place is probably a lot better for gasoline-vicious people like us.

The store was right next to the hotel’s main lobby, and it offered tourists and serious shoppers alike the opportunity to hit the road straight away. After buying a new or used Ferrari or Maserati vehicle, that is.


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