You Can Be the One To Celebrate This Ship's 100-Year Anniversary by Dishing Out $3.9M

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Photo: Northrop & Johnson
It's not every day that we get a chance to own a piece of history. Well, that's precisely the case with the Hermitage, a ship that was born back in 1929. Yep, you can be the one to be celebrating this ship's centennial birthday.
All you need to be the proud owner of the Hermitage and be the one celebrating this ship's 100th birthday is no more than $3.9M (€3.6 at current exchange rates), and while that may sound like a whole lot of cash, with math on our side, it's not, and today, we're going to find out why.

First and foremost, it's important to note that Hermitage is one of those sailed vessels that is all about the luxury and living of days of old, and it offers up this magic to up to 14 guests. Now, take $3.9M, divide it by 14, and that's how much cash you actually need for your very own slice of boating heaven. That's a tad under $279K, so you know, it's either a Luxury RV or this; as if that's even a question.

However, luxury and sailing prowess are only part of the story. What's really neat about Hermitage is the history it brings to your life. For starters, it was originally dubbed the Sea Gypsy, but most importantly, it was used as a patrol boat during WWII. As the years went by, Hermitage's look and appeal are said to have "inspired a new generation of John Alden-styled schooners."

Photo: Northrop & Johnson
Now, nearly 100 years of living is bound to affect an old gal like Hermitage, so what we're looking at today is the result of a complete refit from 2023 to 2024. This means, as Northrop & Johnson puts it, that you're getting your hands on a "new" boat.

Overall, we're looking at a vessel that's nearly 102 ft (31 m) long and has a beam of nearly 16.5 ft (5 m) at its widest. Oh, and that hull is crafted from a material we rarely see these days: nothing but good old and timeless oak. Yes, she's a floating hunk of wood and one of the main reasons why this one won't be sitting around on the market for very long.

While I could sit here and bore you with countless little details and features designed to close the proverbial deal, I've decided to take a different route for the Hermitage, one that places you in the center of the action, hopefully giving you a clear picture of what to expect, even if you don't end up being the eventual owner.

Photo: Northrop & Johnson
Our journey aboard the Hermitage begins on the upper deck, where a network of ropes, wooden booms, masts, and main and jib sheets all raise the question of how you'll be moving around this deck: very carefully. Once you make it to the rear or aft of the ship, you'll find yourself sitting right behind a helm with the possibility to steer this proverbial Noah's Ark, yet another wooden ship. Take a moment to really picture yourself in this position; make sure the captain lets you do so.

Now, let's drop the sails and anchor, ditch the wooden steering wheel, and get ready to enjoy some of the finer moments this vessel offers. For this, you'll also need to toss in your friends and family, all of which are probably hanging around in their swimming skivvies and enjoying a spot of lunch and drinks at that massive alfresco dining center. It's here that you'll spend most of your time when you're hunting for that skin-crisping sunlight.

The very last wooden enclosure we can spot on the main deck is the wheelhouse. From here, not only will the captain maintain a steady course, but guests will also be able to enter the ship. As we do, we find ourselves in the midst of a large interior dining hall, ready with its own galley and ready features. Just to give you an idea of what's in store, you're perfectly able to spend a few days at sea.

Photo: Northrop & Johnson
The rest of the lower deck belongs to nothing more than sleeping quarters of crew and guest staterooms, the latter of which are decked out with an inspiring and classic sailing lifestyle look, including tons more wood, blue and white bedsheets and fabrics, and porthole views of the world around. While they may not be the largest and most lavish rooms around, they're sure to transport you back several decades, but worry not; all of what you see is as fresh as can be.

Now, take all that you've seen and read about, and really let yourself doze off for a few minutes. Feel the breeze running through your hair at up to 10 knots, hear the commands shouted out on the deck, and let that cool mimosa refresh your insides while the sun bakes your skin overhead. A beach hat or sombrero might be a good idea with this one, but that's just how things have been done for decades if not hundreds of years, and that's really what Hermitage offers: a trip back to where the sailing lifestyle all started.

Suppose this vessel is up your alley and in line with your lifestyle dreams. In that case, all you have to do is get ahold of one of the brokers for this deal - our friends over at Northrop & Johnson will do just fine - head down to Newport in the US and see it in person. Chances are that if you made it that far, you'll be heading home with a piece of history under your name.
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