Yamaha R6 Rider Magic Tankslapper Recovery

Most of the guys who land a wheelie improperly at a high speed crash. That's not a sentence, it's pure statistics... and if yo don't believe me, just do a little internet survey of guys in such predicaments.
The exception is made by the few guys whose bikes start to wobble horribly and yet they make it back home in one piece, bike and limbs and all. The guy in our movie even had a worse thing coming his way as he was about to lose control of the bike and went off the asphalt on the gravel at the edge of the strip.

With the bike traveling at a rather high speed, this guy managed to keep it straight on the gravel and made it safely back on the road. Like in any tankslapper scenario, one of the key elements is defeating the instinct telling riders to brake hard, the other one is maintaining a good, firm grip on the handlebars, gradually trying to absorb the energy making it wave from side to side.

And as always, if you like wheelies, just fork out some money and have a steering damper installed; it will eliminate much of the wobbling risk. As for this one, a nice, lucky save.
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