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Women Grew Fond of Audi Cars in China, and the Company Likes It

With China’s economic motors slightly slowing down, luxury products tend to experience a curb. The premium buyers remain of the utmost importance for the likes of Audi, since the carmaker has been growing for several years now. A key factor in the German carmaker’s success has always been local production, but adapting its products to domestic demand was as important.
Women Grew Fond of Audi Cars in China, and the Company Likes It 1 photo
And that is what Volkswagen’s branch has been doing lately, considering it appears more and more women are eager to drive its cars. As a matter of fact, according to Bloomberg, the company’s models have turned into a women’s favorite in the past years, with them making up about a third of Audi buyers in China. This number is even higher in the more prosperous eastern regions.

This change in perspective in the world’s biggest car market is quite impressive, considering that back in the late 1980s, Audi was the ride of high-ranking government officials and privileged businessmen. It was then when the auto market reformed, and the growth in demand has never stopped.

However, in the light of China’s slight break in the economic boom, the German brand is reconsidering its target audience. “Women are getting more important in China as a buying group than in other regions,” Joachim Wedler, head of Audi in China, said at the Guangzhou auto show in southern China last week. “There are a lot of young and successful women in China.

And the carmaker isn’t just selling its cars to a different group of buyers, but it’s also adapting, making sure its products have what it takes to be pleasant. Features such as self-parking and a larger choice of colors and finishes to cater to women are now available. The carmaker has also sealed partnerships with glossy magazines such as Elle and Marie Claire and showcased its cars at art events.


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