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Woman Fails To Cross The Street

More and more people are distracted by their mobile devices, both while driving and walking on the streets. Either text messaging, checking their *insert social network here* profile, talking or simply listening to loud music from the headset, they tend to neglect their safety.
Woman Crossing a Street 1 photo
Like this pedestrian woman caught on camera. Being absorbed in a phone call and having her visibility reduced by the hooded jacket, she attempted to zombie-cross a snowy street, not giving any consideration to the surrounding vehicles.

As she crossed the first lane, she didn’t noticed the Skoda Octavia that was trying to (Russian-style) overtake the cue of cars at the stop lights. The driver braked but still managed to knock and send her in the snow.

The woman wasn’t hurt, as she got up and continued walking followed by the Skoda’s driver that was ensuring she was ok. They should both make good use of this lesson in the future.


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