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With $10 Million You Can Literally Live on The Bottom of The Sea

Ever wished you could live with the fish without actually being dead or diving? If the answer is yes, than you should probably find a way to quickly become rich (in case you’re not already). And that is because we’ve found a company that will build one for you. Sizing a total 464 square meters (5,000 square foot) and priced at $10 million, this luxury villa is literally built on the ocean floor.
The H2ome bedroom 6 photos
H2ome undersea houseH2ome undersea houseH2ome undersea houseH2ome undersea houseH2ome undersea house
Developed by the American company Underwater Structures, the H2ome is a an exclusive luxury house intended for the very rich, but is probably the world’s most unique accommodation yet to be invented. The only way to get home is by submarine, which fits into the central part of the structure. Thence is elevator that leads to the living space. The concept house is designed with two bedrooms with glass instead of a ceiling, two bathrooms, atrium, kitchen, dining room, libraries and mini bar.

Just take a second and imagine. You’re waking up in an undersea bedroom suite to a panoramic sub-sea view of a magnificent coral reef teaming with life. Or even better, imagine looking past the foot of your undersea bed into an ever changing seascape with striations of light streaming through schools of brilliantly colored tropical fish.

According to its creators, the undersea bedroom suite features a curved wall of crystal clear acrylic, which provides the true ocea enthusiast with the ultimate underwater sleeping quarters. “The main floor features an elegant underwater entry way with underwater lounge seating, luxury undersea dining room with breathtaking underwater lounge areas, library and a fabulous underwater bedroom suite all with incredible undersea views,” the concept is explained.

U.S. Submarine Structures claims the completed structure is floated off the dry dock and is then picked up by a semi-submersible heavy lift ship which transports the H2ome to the site. Previously, piles have been driven into the sea floor and the building is floated into place, keyed to the piles and then ballasted for a slow descent toward the sea floor where it is then bolted to the pilling several inches above the sea bottom.

The pilling tops are cut off and the umbilical cables run to the access pier and connected. In this way, your undersea residence is available for your use only 48 hours after delivery.


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