Why Ford Should Sell a Mustang SUV

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Say what you will about the way it handles, but the Ford Mustang is awesome to look at, especially the 2015 model year. In person, it impresses everybody, even the members of the opposite sex that aren't normally into cars.
The other day, I was walking down the street with my significant other and was surprised when she blurted out "Wow, that's a cool car. It's the only coupe I like. So much more distinctive than a BMW or Mercedes."

She wasn't wrong. Everybody around me was glancing at the same 2015 Mustang 5.0, even though it was bone-stock. I wish I could say that the reason can't be explained, but that's not true. Next to it was an Audi S5 that probably cost twice as much, yet had half the number of scoops, vents and air intakes.

Now that Ford has turned the Mustang into a global product, complete with a downsized turbocharged engine, you're going to see it everywhere from Moscow to Shanghai. All that pent-up demand will be put to use, probably resulting in increased sales for the 2015 pony car/coupe.

The sad fact is that I'll be 40 by the time I can afford to finance a new Mustang, and by then I'll need a minivan or SUV. But why doesn't Ford make a Mustang SUV instead? It would be practical and could eventually sell better than the regular coupe. There is precedent for turning one car into a whole brand too: MINI, Fiat 500 (now includes L and X models) or Range Rover.

Think about it, all those Chinese and Russian customers never grew up working on their dad's '68 bucket of bolts, so for them a pony-SUV wouldn't be a sacrilege at all. They could enjoy all the cool styling, most of the performance and the galloping badge with the whole family!

While Audi, BMW and Mercedes are locked in heated battle over the Sports Activity Coupe market, Ford hasn't even dipped its toe in the water. Sooner or later, they are going to have to give it a try, so why not use the Mustang badge to ensure success?

Ever wondered what an SUV version of the 2015 Mustang looks like? Well, this is it, courtesy of Russian designer Artem Sinitsyn. He's made a 2-door SUV with a curved tailgate because this was the easiest to photoshop. However, it's probably best if the production model is a practical 4-door.

Unfortunately, there's no photo of the back, so we don't know how the famous 'Stang taillights have been wrapped around the boot. This is the major problem with the SAC, it seems. Many people have harshly criticized Mercedes-Benz for using S-Class design for the rear of the GLE-Class model. It's like forcing a round peg into a square hole.

But what really counts is under the bonnet, since the Mustang seems to be all about teaching the Europeans a lesson. Why bother with downsized turbo engines when the classic 5-liter V8 has more character, more personality? Right now, if you want a naturally aspirated V8 engine inside your SUV, the Germans can't help you.

As for the turbocharged option, well it's a costly one. A Mercedes GLE 500 4Matic brings you 435 horsepower and starts at $78,000. By comparison, a $33,000 Ford Mustang GT with a 5-liter V8 is less than half the price.

Heck, if our crazy idea can be put into practice, they could even make a "Mustang SUV Convertible" since Land Rover are planning to launch a ragtop version of their Evoque soon.
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