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Why Drag Race a BMW M760Li and a Skoda Superb 280?

What happens when you drag race the most potent BMW currently in production against a Skoda Superb? The answer is obvious, so a much better question would be "Why?".
Why Drag Race a BMW M760Li and a Skoda Superb 280? 3 photos
Why Drag Race a BMW M760Li and a Skoda Superb 280?Why Drag Race a BMW M760Li and a Skoda Superb 280?
Many people in the motoring journalist business secretly love this particular Superb. It's the 280 model, so it's got a similar engine to the Golf R, yet it also stands out thanks to a black trim package and the bold Dragon Skin green color. What a thing!

In theory, you're not supposed to call it a luxury car, but what else do you really need? We find ourselves asking that question a lot when it comes to Skodas. Most comfort and convenience features are installed. However, the BMW M760Li is on an entirely different level.

We've seen a whole bunch in recent months, drag racing the E63 and RS6 or competing with the Porsche Panamera Turbo. So we probably don't need to tell you that it comes with a twin-turbo V12 engine, weighs 2.3 tons and comes with red seats.

Now, even though it's not a real M car, the M760Li is surprisingly quick. In fact, excluding the new M6, this is the fastest-accelerating BMW at the moment. The 280 horsepower Skoda Superb doesn't stand a chance.

The 7 Series does the quarter-mile sprint in 11.3 seconds while the Skoda takes 13.4 seconds, which isn't that bad when you think about it.

The second test proves that if you've just noticed a 280 HP Skoda Superb overtaking you, you can actually stop him from merging. Not only is that a very BMW thing to do, but it's also technically illegal. But you probably don't spend $150,000 on a V12 car with red seats to let other people overtake you.

Next is a braking test. The Superb actually this one. Yes, a Skoda that can do something better than a BMW. Weird, right? But the Bavarian car costing four times as much offers better sound and vibration insulation.

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