When the Bike Explains to You that No Means No

No Means No 1 photo
Photo: Youtube capture
It’s not exactly that rare when people fail to understand what’s happening in a certain situation at a given time, while also failing utterly to assess the most obvious signals reality sends out for them. That is, signs that they are about to fail miserably in whatever it is they are doing. In case you somehow needed some extra proof for this, here’s a most funny video apparently shot in Italy, showing how easily the simplest laws of nature and physics defeat even the most stubborn of men.
Of course, we’ve already seen this happening with overloaded carriages pulled by mules eversince the internet was born, but it looks like this is of the things which endures the passing of time. They say that when it comes to certain “resources” the human universe has an infinite stock… if you know what I mean…

The recipe is always the same: people trying to haul too much stuff in one vehicle in a single run. While in the case of a carriage, the animal pulling it can be lifted off the ground even while stopped, things are turning funny in case we’re adding a Vespa trike to the game. The weight of the bike seems just enough to keep things under control on level ground, but the situation changes completely when a small hill must be climbed.

To us, the funniest thing of all is the stubbornness of the rider in his attempt to eat physics. We can almost bet that deep min his mind, he know he’s never going to make it, but that je ne sais quoi is still pushing him to try once more. A small detour to build up some speed is made, but to no avail, as the trike doesn’t build up enough momentum to climb the gradient.

The result is obviously a funny one, and thankfully nobody was hurt, even though such a stunt could have easily ended up in the emergency room, cast, stitches and all the fun.

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