Racing Your Bike on a Narrow Kart Track Is Funnily Silly and Causes Lots of Crashes

The ground looks a tad too close, doesn't it? 1 photo
Photo: Youtube capture
If you’re up for two- or even three-wheeled fun, challenging your friends to a race in a closed circuit is one of the best ideas. However, even good ideas can receive certain upgrades, even though not all of them are aimed at keeping things safe. After all, if nothing bad can happen, the thrill is just not the same, admit it…
So how about taking our full-sized bikes to the local go-kart track and see who’s the best rider? Of course, after the first lap or so, the whole thing seems to change into a showdown aimed at seeing who can make it past the finish line unhurt and without significant damage to the bike…

The narrow racing track may offer plenty of room for kart drivers to corner and run a bit wide, even leaving them some space to correct their lines around the sharp bends and avoid crashing into the tire barricades. Well, with motorcycles, it looks like things are so much different, and at times, the track layout, speed and braking point limits are just not enough. Sure, many will try the first natural thing which comes to mind, namely leaning more, but not even this helps.

Instead, these poor chaps look like they are part of a low-side festival of some sort. Maybe some supermoto drifting could have helped, some would say, but again, the track design doesn’t allow for the bikes to build enough speed for slides. Or should someone try a continuous drift?

Anyway, as long as nobody break anything and repairing the bikes does not cost a fortune, this looks like solid, if crazy and dangerous mega-fun.

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