When Sticking a Fuel Pump in the Rear of a Horse Is the Right Way to Do Things

Definitely not a sight you will encounter every day in a gas station 3 photos
Photo: Liveleak capture
Not the most common motorcycle modding jobThis looks weird
If you’re not acquainted to concepts such as “disturbingly funny” or “funny in a disturbing way” you should probably skip this story and go looking for something more serious. However, if you like a good laugh, instead of clicking the red X in the corner of the page, you should brace yourselves and click the play button.
Every now and then we stumble upon contraptions which are strange to the point where the lines between interesting and crazy, funny and sick and whatever combination you’d choose are blurred beyond recognition. And the bike in the video below is one of the best examples for this category of custom vehicles… even though it takes things one step even further into the realm of wacky things.

Having a bike attached to a carriage more or less in the same way you’d use a hose-carriage combo has been done before. Even so, each time we run into such a bike we turn our heads like we’ve never seen such a thing before, and this is only natural. However, when the bike pulling the carriage has a fake horse on top, things are becoming really interesting.

Sounds like a plan

And because the creator of this awkward trike (if you will allow naming it so) thought that things were not crazy enough, he (or maybe she) decided to find a special place for the fuel cap. If we’d agree to get along and play the game, we could of course find a very serious excuse for this choice. That is, seeing how realistic the horse model was, the maker did not want to ruin its looks by placing the fuel cap in plain sight. Surely, we could buy this… if we wanted to.

Nevertheless, we laughed so hard when we realized what was happening in this video that we’re not buying the politically correct justification. Au contraire, we can almost vouch that the guy took one or maybe even two seconds to figure out that no matter how generous the tank, his horse-bike will eventually be left without fuel. And then someone at the gas station will have to refuel it…

It’s hard to tell how long it took to actually manufacture the whole rear-end of the horse. We would probably have needed days, because nobody can do anything straight while laughing to tears.

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