What BMW Could You Buy for the Price of a New Nissan Versa?

BMW E39 525i 1 photo
We recently wrote that Nissan just released the pricing for the US-version of the Versa. That being said, we though what BMW you could afford within the price of a new Versa?
The base price for the Versa Sedan 1.6 S is $12,000 (€9,000) and gets you a cheap Japanese car with a 1.6-liter engine with 109 HP and 107 lb-ft (145 Nm) of torque and some standard features like 15" wheels (with wheel covers!), black door handles (yes, they are listed as standard included option), a 'powerful' 2-speaker sound system and a fuel consumption of 27/36 mpg (8.7 l/100km, 6.5 l/100km).

That, to us, sound awful. It's the most common, ugly, non-attractive car you could get. Let's say you're a college freshman, no girl will ever look at you, while driving that car with your fancy wheel covers.

We though we could lend you a hand. We looked around and searched for a proper car within this budged. We came up one best-buy. Looking on eBay, at random, we ended up in the Beverly Hills zip code area and stumbled upon a Metallic Silver E39 5 Series.

It'a a 525i, with a 2.5-liter engine that gives you 192 HP and 245 Nm (181 lb-ft) of torque, almost double as much as the Versa. Furthermore, you'll get a wide array of optional features as it comes with the premium package (that means you'll get sports seats, leather upholstery, wooden trims on the dash and center console, premium sound system and 18/27 mpg (13 l/100km, 8.7 l/100km).

Yeah, you'll get less mpg but the Bimmer costs $3,000 less and with that kind of money, you'll definitely do a lot of miles. Furthermore, even though the car is 10 years old, its a BMW E39 and those things were built like tanks.

What we showed you is just an example. However, you can find a lot more cars around for that kind of money that are way better than a new Nissan. We have to admit, it's not an expensive car, considering it's new, but it is expensive when compared to some second-hand choices that will blow your mind.
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