We're Getting Closer to a True Smart Bike: First E-Bike With ChatGPT Co-Pilot Unveiled

Urtopia unveils first electric bike with ChatGPT integration 6 photos
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Urtopia unveils first electric bike with ChatGPT integrationUrtopia unveils first electric bike with ChatGPT integrationUrtopia unveils first electric bike with ChatGPT integrationUrtopia unveils first electric bike with ChatGPT integrationUrtopia unveils first electric bike with ChatGPT integration
As artificial intelligence technology continues to advance, the implementation of AI systems in more and more areas of our lives is becoming more common. Urban mobility is one of those areas, with the phrase "smart bike" making more sense now than a few years back. A pioneer in the realm of electric bikes is Chinese mobility company Urtopia, which has just announced it is teaming up with OpenAI to deliver ChatGPT integration into its e-bikes.
The announcement was made at Eurobike 2023 in Frankfurt, Germany, where the e-bike manufacturer demonstrated how cycling is about to get more fun with ChatGPT as a dash-integrated co-pilot. If you've been living under a rock, ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot that answers prompts provided by users, generates information, solves puzzles, writes programming code, and much more. It has only been around since November of last year, but it seemingly is everywhere already.

People have long envisioned a future where they could interact with their vehicles, be they on two or four wheels, and that time has come. Mercedes was the first transportation company to announce it would integrate the highly-controversial chatbot into the voice control of its cars, and it's already testing out the technology. Urtopia follows in its footsteps, becoming the first e-bike company to do the same with its Urtopia X ChatGPT model.

Though it is a young company, having debuted in 2021, Utopia has made itself known in the e-bike realm with tech-infused electric two-wheelers boasting cutting-edge features such as fingerprint unlocking, built-in GPS navigation, anti-theft protection, and other proprietary technology designed to enhance rider safety. Now, the integration of ChatGPT into its e-bikes will transform them into full-on smart bikes that will take the cycling experience to a whole new level.

"With the power of ChatGPT and Urtopia's voice recognition feature, the Urtopia smart e-bike becomes an exceptional companion for riders, delivering real-time assistance based on users' needs," says the company.

Dubbed "the bicycle with a mind," the Urtopia X ChatGPT will be able to deliver a "truly intelligent and responsive bike experience," Urtopia promises. In layman's terms, ChatGPT will help the e-bikes provide improved voice interaction with the rider. Previously, Urtopia's voice-assistant technology was only allowing for basic interactions through simple commands related to assistance levels and lane changes. The integration with OpenAI's chatbot will open up new interaction possibilities because the rider will be able to ask the bike whatever they want.

For instance, they might want to find out how to change a flat tire, ask for directions to a certain location, or request information about their surroundings and the weather forecast. Moreover, riders can also ask the bot to play curated playlists over a built-in speaker or prompt it to build up a conversation on any mundane topic.

No information has been revealed about when Urtopia plans to make e-bikes with ChatGPT integration available for purchase, but it has released a video showing the technology being used on its Chord e-bike. You can watch it below.

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