Waze Copies Another Google Maps Feature, Better Late Than Never

Waze is getting a new big feature, as the Google-owned company has just announced support for EV charging locations and plug type information.
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The new Waze feature at workThe new Waze feature at workThe new Waze feature at workThe new Waze feature at workThe new Waze feature at work
Similar options have been available for a while in Google Maps, the other navigation app owned by Google. Waze comes with a similar implementation, allowing users to configure their plug type in the app to only see the compatible charging stations.

Google Maps currently shows nearby EV charging stations on the map. When expanding a listed station, the application displays additional information, including the location, port types, and supported charging speeds. Google Maps also offers availability estimates, though some EV owners learned the hard way the information isn’t always accurate.

The new Waze option launching today introduces an electric vehicle menu in the settings screen. Users can turn on EV features to be able to configure plugs.

The application doesn’t come with vehicle profiles to automatically determine the plug type, so users need to choose one of the available options. Waze supports J1772, Type Mennekes, Tesla (North America), CCS1, CCS2, CHAdeMO, and GB/T plugs.

When the plug type is selected, users can then tap the charging station icon in the route option screen. The application looks for compatible chargers and provides information like opening hours, charging speed, distance, and plug types. Waze does not display availability details, but you also get additional information on how to find the charging station.

Obviously, route guidance is also provided to the location.

By allowing users to select the plug type, Waze makes finding a charging station much more convenient, especially when searching for a location along the route. On the other hand, Google Maps provides availability information, so this is the next feature that Waze should copy.

The company says the feature will be further improved with help from local Map Editors from the Waze Community. All EV data will be reviewed and updated in real-time to make sure it’s accurate. After all, nobody wants to drive to a charging station with a limited range and find out their plug type isn’t supported.

The feature will start rolling out globally over the coming weeks, Waze says. Users are already allowed to enable the EV features in the application.

In the meantime, Waze is working on another big update for the app. The Coolwalk support is in the final phases, with the next update for Android devices very likely to bring the feature. Coolwalk is the new Android Auto design that was announced by Google in January. It allows multiple apps to run on the same screen using dedicated cards. Waze doesn’t yet support the navigation card, but the feature has been in beta for several weeks already. The update should start rolling out by the end of the month.
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