Watch a Lamborghini Murcielago Towing a Trailer Full of Goats. Yes, Goats

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These are the kind of subjects that gave birth to this trend in headlines that start with "You'll never believe..." - but, honestly now, would you really believe that somebody used a Lamborghini to tow a trailer full of goats if it weren't accompanied by a video to prove it?
Those of you who feel a little clever might point out that Lamborghini used to build the LM002, the Hummer-like pickup that had more in common with the vehicles that Lamborghini used to make before it got into the supercar business. Oh, you're right, seeing a bunch of farm animals getting driven around behind an extremely rare classic car isn't weird at all. As a matter of fact, I do that every day.

Even so, this isn't the LM002, nor a Urus that traveled back in time: it's the now defunct Murcielago, the pride and joy of the Italian brand. It wasn't the cheapest of all Lamborghinis, and even if it were, it wouldn't have made this any less of a sacrilege. It's like saying there is nothing wrong with giving you kid a Picasso sketch to doodle on because it's not one of the expensive paintings.

But is there really anything wrong with what he's doing? Well, to be perfectly honest, it all started the moment he decided to equip the car with a towing hook. The person who helped him do it is just as guilty. There should be a law that would prevent this from happening, just like any dentist will not extract a healthy tooth unless he has written permission from an orthodontist. It's against nature, and it shouldn't be done.

With the hook in place, there was nothing left to stop him. Nothing except people's reaction, but he doesn't seem to care too much about that. The man has a Lamborghini, so why should he be bothered with what all the Ford, Toyota or Holden drivers think of him? And if you're wondering what the hell is a "Holden," maybe we should have made it clear earlier that all this isn't happening in some third-world country or Russia, but in the sunny Australia.

On the other hand, maybe he just loves his goats very much. Maybe he wasn't going to a slaughterhouse or a market, but they were actually his pets. With only two seats and the wife insisting on coming along, what else was the man supposed to do? Buy another Lamborghini and give one of the goats the keys? Now that would make an even more ridiculous YouTube video.

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