Poorly Staged Aventador Vs. Model S Drag Race Is Saved by the Lambo's Rev Sounds

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Tesla vs. LamboTesla vs. LamboTesla vs. LamboTesla vs. Lambo
Having two great cars on your hands at the same time would probably make anyone think about a drag race. And when they both have four-wheel-drive and the reputation of very quick acceleration times, everything is there for a great confrontation.
Except the two cars can't compensate for all the rest. You also need a drag strip with timers, maybe a divider and plenty of surplus asphalt for added safety. You need lights that tell the drivers when to go, considering how a fraction of a second at the start is so important for the outcome these days. And you most definitely need a pair of drivers who can at least pretend to know what they're doing. None of these elements is to be found in this video.

However, it does have a Tesla Model S P90D and a Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. The two cars are only similar when it comes to their horsepower output and the fact they send the power to all four wheels - apart from that, they might as well come from different galaxies. Simply watching them on a drag strip public road tells a very telling story: the Lambo is all squat, hugging the road like the purpose-built machine that it is. The Tesla, on the other hand, looks like a hippopotamus who accidently ran into a ballet class. It's big and cumbersome with its seating for seven and a big trunk (make that two of them). The Model S is a very sleek sedan in any other company, but here, it looks like the concept of aerodynamics was completely foreign to whoever designed it.

And yet there's one more thing they share: the 0-62 mph acceleration time. With the Ludicrous mode, the Tesla brags about 2.9 seconds, which is exactly the same as the Aventador LP700-4's. However, don't expect to see this balance reflected in the video below, as the two drivers manage to make a mess out of it.

First of all, the starting signal is way off. It's supposed to be "honk three times and then go," but in practice, it turns into "honk three times and then wait for the Tesla to accelerate." The Lambo loses every start. And its performance isn't helped by the fact that its driver also misses almost all of the shifts, hitting the rev limiter on quite a few occasions. Even so, the Italian supercar has no problem beating the electric sedan after closing the initial gap caused by the false starts. And even if it didn't, it would have still won our hearts with that symphony of revs, bangs, and cackles at the beginning.

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