Watch a Lamborghini Huracan Driver and a Photographer Clash: Road Raging Bull

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Photo: screenshot from Youtube
Prototype spotting may sound like fun, but sometimes chasing a car that’s not out yet brings its fair share of dangerous implications. The latest example of this is offered in the adjacent video, which shows a rather aggressive episode with a Lamborghini Huracan and photographer Jason Thorgalsen.
Jason spotted the Huracan, which has yet to be released to the public, driving in Florida yesterday and, since he had his camera around, he decided to do the obvious thing - he chased the Lambo, aiming for a hefty catch.

Nonetheless, the spotting session started turning bad, with Jason putting a lot of pressure on the Huracan driver and the latter reacting badly.

Here is the explanation provided in the video description:

“The driver didn't seem to mind people driving along the side of him taking cell phone pictures but he obviously had an issue seeing the camera I was using to take pictures and video of the car.”

“After driving along for awhile an Audi A8 showed up and immediately cut me off. After trying to block me from making any lane change I got around the Audi to continue on my way. As I approached the exit with the 2 cars behind me I was amazed the Audi forced his way on my right hand side and blocked my car from getting off the highway as the Lamborghini pulled in behind me,” Jason continues.

“I have seen plenty of prototypes driving on the road well before production so I was shocked the driver of the Lamborghini was exiting the vehicle on the side of the highway and approaching my car. He immediately started yelling at me trying to intimidate me which I couldn't be bothered by but when he reached inside of my car and shoved my camera he escalated the situation which I decided it was time to call the police before he continued any further. Like the coward he is he promptly got back in the Lamborghini when he realized I was calling 911 and took off while the Audi sat there for a few minutes blocking my car from exiting the highway.
I hope Volkswagen Audi Group sees this video and shows who they have representing their brand. What a shame!!” the photographer wrote.

To our eyes, this isn’t quite what it seems. First of all, we can’t be sure if we are talking about a Huracan prototype of if this was a case of a more or less official test drive. The presence of the Audi A8 “support” car does point to this being some sort of an official business. Still, we could be dealing with dealer / logistics crew and not necessarily with Lamborghini employees.

In fact, Lamborghini was contacted by Jalopnik and while they said the case was still being investigated, they did point out this wasn’t “a direct employee of Lamborghini”.

As the video shows, the whole deal included multiple reckless driving episodes and we see all three drivers (Jason, the Huracan man and the Audi A8 man) as having their fair share of guilt here. For instance, the guy in the Lambo had an outrageous behavior, but the photographer pushing him for over 45 minutes isn’ too cool either.

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