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Wald Maserati Ghibli Black Bison Is a Thing of Beauty

Famed Japanese tuner Wald International has just released a preview photo of their body kit for the Maserati Ghibli. In typical style, the Italian answer to the BMW 5 Series question gets an aftermarket treatment that pushes it even further into the realm of exotics, making you wonder why not all midsize sedans look this good.
Maserati Ghibli by Wald International 3 photos
Wald Maserati GhibliWald Maserati Ghibli
The typical Black Bison aftermarket treatment starts at the front with a new lower front bumper. This adds yet another aero element before the trademark Maserati grille in a style we usually associate with the BMW M5. Dubious? Yes, but not enough to put us off. Changes to the side vents aren't as obviously, but the addition of extra LEDs there should make the Ghibli more noticeable.

Down the side, most of the bodywork has been left intact with the exception of the side skirts, which receive blade-like inserts. The wheels have also been upgraded to Wald's twin-color design. Of course, none of these changes would work without the lowering suspension set.

There can be no question that the Wald Ghibli is a thing of beauty, but than so is the standard car. What the Japanese artisans have done is just to bring out more if charm using small touches, like makeup.


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