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VW Polo R WRC Tuned to 339 HP

Now that the Audi S1 is around, strutting its 231 hp and quattro all-wheel drive, Volkswagen's little Polo R WRC no longer has bragging rights in the supermini hot hatch world. But as you all know, with every turbo 2-liter TSI engine, there's endless possibility.
Polo R WRC with 339 hp 4 photos
Polo R WRC by ShiftTechPolo R WRC by ShiftTechPolo R WRC by ShiftTech
We're not just talking theoretically here, as Belgian chip tuning company ShiftTech Engineering delivered some short and sweet news today: 339 horsepower has been found to be the new magic number for the most powerful Polo 6R around.

Mainstream tuners like ABT and MTM have stopped their work on the car last year, after they both revealed kits at the Essen Motor Show that produced 290 to 300 hp. In February, that was followed up by a 309 hp upgrade from BR-Performance.

It's worth nothing the motor also now makes 465 Nm of torque, which is basically like stuffing a big V6 into the second smallest Volkswagen made. Another interesting fact about the 339 hp Polo R WRC is that it's got more power than an Audi S3, a Ford Fucus RS and is basically on par with the Audi S4/S5.

That's about as cool as a custom 2.0 TSI in a supermini can get without blowing its pistons through the hood!


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