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VW Bus Trailer Truck is a Dream

We've recently tested the VW Multivan and we really enjoyed the experience. But how about taking the whole thing back to the first generation and multiplying it by... a lot? If our words don't seem to make sense, just take a look at the adjacent image and you'll understand.
VW Bus Trailer Truck 1 photo
This is one of those web findings that will always leave you wondering: is it real or I am dealing with a photoshop job here? We’ll porbably vote for the latter, but it doesn’t matter, since we are dealing with a creation that would probably be able to start the hippie trend all over again on its own.

Enjoy the virtual ride and try to imagine what you could do with this thing... we could probably spend a few days enumerating the possibilities, but we won't - we're off to search for it.


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