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Volkswagen Issues New Warning on the Never-Ending Chip Shortage

A few months ago, the majority of analysts out there estimated the global chip shortage would slowly but surely be resolved in 2022.
VW doesn't except the chip crisis to be over this year 7 photos
Many anticipated the end of the chip crisis, with some forecasts indicating a slight recovery beginning with the first quarter of the year.

It’s already obvious that 2022 had different plans for the planet, and given most countries are already trying to cope with a new wave of the health issue, the chip shortage isn’t going anywhere.

As a result, many expect the lack of semiconductors to remain a painful problem for many industry sectors out there. Including the production of cars, that is.

Volkswagen is obviously one of the biggest names struggling with the lack of chips, and Chief Financial Officer Arno Antlitz has few reasons to be optimistic in the short-term on this front. In a recent interview, Antlitz explained that the global chip inventory will continue to remain extremely constrained, though some signs of improvements could be recorded towards the end of the year.

Unfortunately, we all know what this means.

If the lack of chips isn’t resolved this year, then automakers would continue to struggle with pretty much the same problems as in 2021.

Many are likely to ship cars without certain systems, while others could once again halt the production at certain facilities temporarily.

Obviously, Volkswagen isn’t the only company expecting difficult times on the chip front. Not a long time ago, BMW started shipping some vehicles without touchscreens, while Cadillac removed parking assistance from certain models as well.

The reason is as simple as it could be: carmakers are trying to reduce the number of chips they need for their cars, and the only way to do this is by removing certain non-critical systems. It remains to be seen, however, if the recent investments in chip production capacity help deal with the shortage faster than anticipated.


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