Vanessa Bayer Goes Fifty Shades of Not Funny in Audi’s Weird Ad

Vanessa Bayer Goes Fifty Shades of Not Funny in Audi’s Weird Ad 1 photo
Photo: Audi
Since E.L. James’ book sold over 100 million copies worldwide, we’re guessing the film adaptation Universal Pictures and Focus Features produced is possibly the most awaited film of the month. Scheduled for February 13, which is just before Valentine’s Day, we guess it’s a good opportunity for Audi to take advantage of the occasion and promote some of their cars.
So, the marketing team over at Ingolstadt thought they could partner up in a weird way with the movie’s producers. After all, everybody knows sex sells big time and there’s nothing wrong using tabu subjects to promote your cars (or is it?). It’s also a win-win situation, the movie gets promoted, the car gets promoted.

So far so good. But honestly, is that little scene supposed to be funny? The Saturday Night Live actress is basically asking for attention in a very sensual way, handcuffs and other sexual toys are being jiggled in front of strangers who happen to take the same elevator she’s “traveling” with. Everything is fine, until the sex-gaming takes one step too much and Vanessa grabs the keys of a man’s Audi, allegedly mistaking it as a gift for her. And you don’t do that, no matter how sexually playful you feel.

At the end of the first video Audi released it seems there’s an A3 present for about two seconds or so. This makes for the first model the German car maker is promoting, since there’s a second clip in which yet another scene of the movie is envisioned. This time, we’re looking at a fictional Christian Grey which in the real world would be a businessman driving Audi’s sportscar the R8 Spyder.

So here’s what we got from this little marketing venue: driving Audi somehow relates to being a young business magnate that spends his nights with a college graduate and whose intimate life is all about sexual practices involving bondage/discipline, dominance/submission and sadism/masochism.

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