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U.S. Market Finally Gets 2017 BMW 30 Jahre M3 Edition

Back in the olden days, when cars were more analog than the tech-savvy spaceships we have today, BMW was at the top of its game. One of the most revered BMWs of all time is the E30 M3, which this year celebrates its 31st anniversary. Except it doesn’t.
2017 BMW 30 Jahre M3 Edition 9 photos
2017 BMW 30 Jahre M3 Edition2017 BMW 30 Jahre M3 Edition2017 BMW 30 Jahre M3 Edition2017 BMW 30 Jahre M3 Edition2017 BMW 30 Jahre M3 Edition2017 BMW 30 Jahre M3 Edition2017 BMW 30 Jahre M3 Edition2017 BMW 30 Jahre M3 Edition
What I’m alluding to with the 31st anniversary is the fact that the E30 M3 was first presented in production-ready form at the 1985 Frankfurt Motor Show. The thing is, actual production of the E30 M3 started the following year, in 1986. Hence, BMW believes that it is rightful to consider 2016 the 30th anniversary of the M3. Confused? Believe me that I am too.

To celebrate the patina and repute of its sportiest compact executive sedan, the Bavarian automaker had debuted the Euro-spec 30 Jahre M3 back in May 2016. Now, though, BMW thought that it would be nice to make the 30 Jahre M3 available for the U.S. as well. Only 150 U.S.-spec examples of the breed will be built for the 2017 model year. MSRP? $83,250 or $86,150.

As you may have already guessed, the first of the two suggested retail prices applies to the manual transmission-equipped BMW 30 Jahre M3. In order to pay its respects to the E30 M3, the limited edition model can be had only in Macao Blue, a paint job inspired by the Sport Evo BMW M3. Other than the color and the 30 Jahre M3 badging, you’re in for a suite of special touches.

On the go-faster front, the 30 Jahre M3 in made for North America prides itself on the Competition Package, 20-inch forged light alloy wheels, mixed performance tires (265/30 front and 285/30 rear), as well as a bump in output to 444 horsepower and 406 lb-ft (550 Nm). With the manual, this translates to 3.8 seconds to 60 miles per hour (96 km/h). In the case of the seven-speed M dual-clutch transmission, that’ll be 3.8 clicks, thank you!

More information on the 30 Jahre M3 is available in the release below.

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