U.S. Air Force Is Getting Too Expensive for Japan, New Lawsuit Shows Why

A panel of three judges has decided the United States Air Force (U.S. Air Force or USAF) is guilty of an offense regarding ambient laws, and the Japanese government must compensate 3,139 of its people. The plaintiffs said they weren’t happy with the verdict, even though the judges agreed with them.
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Justice never sleeps and in the case of the U.S. Air Force, it keeps repeating itself. The American military aviation was once again on the defendant’s side. They had to work with Japanese officials on a proper cover, but their strategy didn’t prove successful. In the end, judges decided that Japan will have to pay $11.6 million in damages because it allows and supports USAF operations.

The reasoning is pretty simple: people don’t like noise in their neighborhoods. Helicopters, cargo airplanes, and jets are not known for their ability to maintain stealth at ground level. The U.S. Air Force tried to explain why it must operate in that crowded, urbanized area together with local officials, but their defense was quashed.

As Stripes informs, the plaintiffs should receive compensation starting from $2,908 and up to $5,816. The sums were decided in accordance with who suffered the most from USAF activity. But the story doesn’t end here, as the Japanese might end up demanding more than just the $11.6 million awarded. They argue the money doesn’t cover their discomfort. And they might be right!

This truly might not be the best solution the Okinawans could’ve gotten, as in 2017, another panel of three judges decided to compensate 22,054 people with $265 million. In all cases, the Japanese complained about the same thing: noise. They argued that American aircrafts were too loud and were operating too often. That may be why they’re already planning on appealing.

Lawyers said plaintiffs also wanted to ask the court to stop all the military activity nearby, but that would have made proceedings even more complicated. In the end, they chose to settle for money.
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