Upcoming Rivian Update Brings Major Improvements to the Rear Infotainment Screen

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Rivian plans to stick with its own infotainment systemRivian plans to stick with its own infotainment systemRivian software update hints at upcoming support for streaming servicesRivian software update hints at upcoming support for streaming servicesRivian software update hints at upcoming support for streaming servicesRivian software update hints at upcoming support for streaming servicesRivian software update hints at upcoming support for streaming services
Rivian rolled out the 2024.11 software update to internal testers last week. When it gets to customer vehicles in the coming days, it will bring important improvements to the charging experience, navigation, and functions on the rear infotainment display.
Rivian is working on a new feature-packed update for the R1 vehicles after launching Tesla Supercharger support with the 2024.07.02 update. That one surprised many people, being pushed to customer vehicles just two days after starting internal testing. This made people think that Rivian may have shortened its testing cycle, although this is now again under review. The upcoming software update is still pending for Rivian customers, whether because of the Easter holiday or other reasons.

Rivian started testing a new update build on March 29, promising many new features and improvements. This phase is called beta, although the same build is usually pushed to customer vehicles if everything works as intended. However, the past updates have been anything but smooth, which is why final builds have had different point releases than the ones released initially. Hopefully, this will not be the case with the 2024.11 update.

The new build aims to improve the charging experience by attaching charging scores to stations. The score is based on key factors such as success rate and time it takes to start charging. This should allow Rivian owners to filter out stations with low scores. The Navigation app will automatically take these scores into account when plotting the trip plan. If better alternatives exist, charging stations with lower scores are less likely to be included in your trip. Not only that, but this software update will let you send feedback on any navigation, mapping, and charging issues.

However, the most important changes brought by the 2024.11 update concern the rear infotainment display. Rivian introduces a new interface that allows rear passengers to control more vehicle functions. These include power outlet controls, the ability to play or pause music through the multimedia system, and controls for the hotspot connection, Bluetooth connection, and interior lights. I admit this could be annoying for parents with undisciplined children.

Thankfully, rear passengers can't adjust the front seats while driving, which is possible in the Tesla Model X. This is why the option to lock the rear display could be a godsend to parents. Despite these annoyances, having the option to control more things from the rear seats is always welcome. Even better, Rivian could introduce a separate audio channel for rear passengers so that they don't mess with the media played in the front. This is what Tesla did with the Model 3 Highland update.

The 2024.11 update claims to improve Pet Comfort temperature control by increasing the cabin airflow. The ride height adjustments will also get better, reducing the number of occasions that require the vehicle to raise before a drive. Finally, Rivian used this opportunity to fix many bugs and issues from previous updates.
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