Unrestricted BMW S1000RR Does 322 KM/H

We can say that the S1000RR sort of took the superbike world by storm and quickly set a very solid foot in the segment. A rather uncanny presence both on the track and the street with its asymmetric fairing and headlights, the BMW S1000RR is certainly a matter of love or hate.
Unrestricted BMW S1000RR Does 322 KM/H 1 photo
Regardless of which camp are you in, the bike's performance is one thing nobody can deny. A superbike might look like a piece of art, like the MV Agusta machinery, or it can be conservative and not stray too much from the proven recipe, like the Honda CBR1000RR.

Beyond their aesthetics, superbikes are judged by the stopwatch, and the rankings are governed by lap times or even drag strip figures. When it comes to performance, the S1000RR has already proven its might, especially after the Isle of Man victory with Michael Dunlop at the helm.

Most bikes have their engines limited so they will not accelerate past the 299 km/h (185.8 mph) mark. But this doesn't mean that some of the riders aren't willing to push them beyond that limit, altering the stock ECU software and letting the bikes loose on the highway.
What warranty? I want to see the bike go fast!
While, in most cases, meddling with the ECU software voids the warranty, you'd be surprised to meet people who do this purposely and couldn't care any less about the warranty. And that is without even mentioning the S1000RR owners who have older bikes whose warranty is already gone...

As far as I can tell, the BMW in the video below was only "set free," without any chip tuning job to make it brawnier. Too bad we don't know if the guy is using regular fuel or racing fuel. Either way, you have the chance to see how life looks on an unrestricted BMW S1000RR at 322 km/h (200 mph).


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