Underage Driving Prank Isn’t Actually a Prank, the Boy Really Drives

Underage drive-thru prank 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
Do you remember when you had your first driving lesson? Well, this kid will surely remember because he probably learned a bit of driving just to be part of a fast-food drive-thru prank.
So, we bumped into this Youtube prank where an 11-years-old kid sits at the wheel of a Toyota Prius and pulls over at numerous drive-throughs around the neighborhood. As expected, the workers get very surprised seeing the underage driver waiting for his order and their first reaction is to ask him if he’s old enough to do that.

He pretends to be 18-years-old but suffer from a made up disease that makes him look too young. Of course, everybody has a laugh and he gets his meal, but the question is, was he really driving that car?

Well, the footage doesn’t specifically show that part, even though his bigger brother sitting in the back and filming asks him if he can reach the pedals. We really doubt the kid actually drove on public roads and his bro was there to make sure he does things right. Nevertheless, a Prius isn’t that hard to drive.

Still, we’re wondering what could had happened if the boy had pressed the gas instead of the brake pedal by mistake. It’s pretty obvious his brother couldn’t intervene and stop the car from the back seat.

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