UBER App Just Gave Birth To a New Type of Pranks

UBER app prank 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
If you’re calling for a cab you simply can’t miss it unless you’re blind or born yesterday - it's yellow, checkered and has numbers on it. However, hailing an UBER car using the app can be misleading some times and that’s the main idea with this prank.
You see, UBER has its own black cars for the more expensive services but the app also lets normal people be an occasional taxi driver. Which means unmarked cars that could make the clients confused.

The prankster here acts as he’s hailing an UBER car but he gets into random people’s vehicles demanding to be taken where he wants. Aawwwkwaaard!

Of course, people react defensive when the stranger simply gets into their ride ordering them to drive and some even start swearing or trying to smack him to leave. But we’ll leave you see that in the video bellow. There’s also a small surprise at the end.

On a more serious note, UBER managed to piss off a lot of standard cab companies in the world with its car sharing app. Taxi drivers demanded the app to be banned because the UBER drivers are not qualified for the job and are also practicing uncompetitive prices. Protests actually managed to remove the app in some cities where taxi companies are offering now their own hailing apps.

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