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UK Elections: Two Parties Are Interested in Banning Internal Combustion Engines

Last year, a part of the UK considered the European Union as its "public enemy number one." It looks like the elections set for this year could do the same for the internal combustion engine.
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The Liberal Democratic Party has pledged to ban the sale of diesel-engined cars from 2025 if it wins the election. Meanwhile, the Conservatives have promised voters that they would work to make “almost all cars” in the country zero-emissions vehicles.

The proposition involved a change in legislation that would effectively ban most internal combustion engined vehicles from getting a MOT, which is the UK’s mandatory inspection for roadworthiness.

Classic vehicles would be exempt, but it is unclear what will qualify as a “classic car” in 2050. Regardless, new automobiles purchased in 2050 would have to comply with the legislation that will supposedly be in effect at that time, if that party were to win the 2017 elections.

The Brits at Autocar became curious about the whole plan, and they contacted Theresa May’s party to learn more, and their reply was that zero-emission powertrains would become a requirement for cars wanting to pass an inspection or a new registration starting 2050.

Meanwhile, the Labour party has refrained from announcing any bans of this type, as its representatives have preferred to focus on encouraging the uptake of cleaner transport.

A ban on internal combustion engines in any country could become an example to others, but it is unclear how and when a switch like this will happen.

There is a good chance that most of us may not live to see the day when internal combustion engines will not be a thing somewhere around the world, so do not become excessively worried.

As you can imagine, things may not change even if the said political ensemble will win the trust of voters. After all, the country has voted for leaving the European Union in the summer of 2016, and its leaders have yet to find a way of applying what appear to be the wishes of half of the people who voted.


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