Uber Wants You (and Your Guests) to Party Carefree with UberEVENTS Service

It may sound like a “first world problem” (and that’s because it actually is), but getting to and from parties is a bit of an issue for some. Uber wants us to put all that behind and has come up with a plan.
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First of all, this plan involves being invited to a party by a very careful and somewhat generous host, as the credit card charged with the fares of all guests belongs to the person holding the event. That may be a little costly, but that way the host can at least make sure nobody’s going to say no. And they also put a bit of pressure on the guests regarding the presents they bring, so no more cheap bottles of wine.

Anyway, here’s how it all works: the host of the event can buy rides in advance for his or her guests to make sure no unforeseen situations arise that could keep somebody from attending. All they have to do is go to and create an event, specifying an address, the approximate number of guests and a timeframe. The guest passes will then be sent via e-mail to the host, who can then distribute them to the guests. His/her job is now over.

In come the guests. They will enter the code provided by the host into the Uber app and request a ride to the event. And that’s it. The same applies after the party, when all everybody wants to do is find their way to their beds the quickest way possible.

Of course, any unused code will not be charged, and the guest can only use the codes on a specific date and to a specific destination, so nobody can take advantage of the offer.

The service is only available in the USA at the moment, but it may very well spread over to other continents as well. It’s destined primarily for larger events, corporate parties or weddings, but it can work just as well for private parties.

Receiving an invitation with a Uber code attached can mean two things: either the person in question really wants you to be there, or you have the reputation of somebody who’s late or doesn’t show up at all, and so the host is taking all necessary measures. Either way, it beats driving there and not being able to have a drink.
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