Twin-Turbo Cyber Punk 1968 Camaro Is Ready for an Alien Invasion From the CGI Alterverse

Cyber Punk Twin-Turbo 1968 Camaro 11 photos
Photo: instagram/@adry53
Cyber Punk Twin-Turbo 1968 CamaroCyber Punk Twin-Turbo 1968 CamaroCyber Punk Twin-Turbo 1968 CamaroCyber Punk Twin-Turbo 1968 CamaroCyber Punk Twin-Turbo 1968 CamaroCyber Punk Twin-Turbo 1968 CamaroCyber Punk Twin-Turbo 1968 CamaroCyber Punk Twin-Turbo 1968 CamaroCyber Punk Twin-Turbo 1968 CamaroCyber Punk Twin-Turbo 1968 Camaro
‘Would You Daily Drive a Full-Size Hot Wheels? Yes, but only if you make it a mad Twin-Turbo Camaro if you could.’ In an alternate universe, this conversation will make all the sense in the world. Since we can access other dimensional realities with the help of our imagination (backed by an internet-connected device with a screen), let’s delve into that idea for a moment.
Real-life Hot Wheels cars are not exactly Roswell 1947 events and occurrences, but what would you say to this one? A heavily customized and modified Chevrolet Camaro (vintage 1968) that apparently went for an audition for the lead role in the Mad Max series. Brutally chopped body panels would suggest some weight reduction, which would be consistent with the whole ‘go fast in a straight line’ demeanor of this Hot Wheels pony.

The amount of aerodynamic-enhancing elements would make an Indy racer green with envy, starting right from that front wing that probably keeps the nose from aiming at the sun at high noon. The wheelie bars at the rear probably serve a similar purpose, just in case the nose spoiler slacks on the job. The side fins are there to scare turbulences away from the wheels, so the otherwise not-so-air-splitting Camaro can put those two massive turbos to good use.

In a Cyber Punk manner, touched up with hill climbers’ styling cues (if ever there was such a thing), this frankensteinization of a Chevrolet icon sports a throaty V8 with two turbine compressors sitting low and back behind the front wheels. Deceivingly, the hood is occupied by an oversized blower-style intake, but that’s only to push the air into the two ducts feeding the turbochargers.

Cyber Punk Twin\-Turbo 1968 Camaro
Photo: instagram/@adry53
The 1968 Camaro was a mean Mustang-hunting pony from the Bow Tie, but this virtual excarnation is a full-blown racer. Chiseled from thin pixels by Timothy Adry Emmanuel, the 3D Artist and Automotive Visualist roaming social media under the call sign Adry53, the custom Hot Wheels Camaro would be the perfect daily driver during a zombie apocalypse.

Sure, the fantasy realm can pair any car to any powerplant, but let’s play along the ‘1968 Camaro’ tune and hope the burbling coming out the pipes of this imagined pony is the real-deal big-block from its respective model year. That’s the 396 big-incher, the 6.5-liter eight-cylinder motor that was the absolute SS performer in the lineup.

Sure, the two turbos blow the 325 gross horsepower rating of Chevy’s fabled plant from that period sky-high. For all we care, it could make well in excess of 1,000 wheel-hp in this dreamland manifest of savage burnouts. There’s one question still unanswered: Would you daily drive this as is (provided you don’t have to drive over any speedbumps, insects, or anything that’ll ruin the underside and its non-existent ground clearance)?
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