Tuned Golf Cart Evades Police

Now this is a car the Bandit should have used to trail across America and block for his friend the Snowman! Forget any kind of fast sports car or tuned production model, golf carts are the wave of the future. Of course, if Burt Reynolds had ridden this baby for the movie, it would have surely messed up his hairdo, transforming him into a ruffled-looking cowboy.

A 26-year-old man used a tricked out scooter to evade police in Morgan County. The man was driving his golf cart erratically on a golf course with two of his buddies when someone reported in the noise and lawn-tearing maneuvers.

As police came to the scene, the miscreants split up quickly and the sheriff's deputies decided to stick to the golf cart, probably thinking they would make mince meat out of it. Little did they know that that wasn't any ordinary golf cart and that they'd have their hands full.

The chase wasn't too long, over in about 5 minutes, taking the cops through lawns, hedge rows and parking lots and then through downtown Morgan City. It all ended in an alfalfa field where the golf cart managed to evade its pursuers by jumping over an irrigation ditch.

One police officer said: “It wasn't any faster than us, but in the alfalfa field it was jumping irrigation ditches. We couldn't get though the ditches”. He also believed that the cart had been fitted with a regular engine.

The police didn't catch the driver of the golf cart right then, but recognized the driver and arrested him the next day from his grandmother's house. The golf cart wasn't found. The same officer said “No one would disclose who owned it. It's probably sitting in someone's barn now”.

But do you want to know what's really funny? The reason the man fled police was because he'd been drinking and he feared they'd book on a DUI, bot because he was doing wheelies and donuts on the local golf course.

We can't give the number of the man who pimped the golf course, so your lawnmower is going to have to wait some more before it hits the track and terrorizes your neighborhood. No need to deny it, we know you dream about that, so do we.
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