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Try to Keep Cool When a 200 Km/H Yamaha R6 Passes Inches from Your Head

Few people know how dangerous being a camera guy can be, at times. We surely enjoy watching breathtaking footage from road races, or sport bike commercials, but only a handful of us really know how these scenes are filmed.
Camera guys filming Josh Herrin fly-by 1 photo
Thanks to Josh Herrin, more guys can now have an insight on what filming a bike commercial or a short clip advertising a racing series, piece of gear, accessories, lubricants, or pretty much anything else related to the motorcycling world and can be sold commercially really means.

It's not yet clear what is the purpose of this footage, as Josh did not disclose any details on the matter. We tried our best to stop the video at the right time and see what bike Herrin was riding, and maybe find any other details, but to no avail.

The machine in this video doesn't have the yellow accents of Herrin's MotoAmerica "business bike" and neither were we able to verify 100% that it was a Yamaha YZF-R6, so we only supposed he was using it.Rider and camera crew, they are all taking risks many of us aren't aware of
Now, we're talking about a professional rider on a closed circuit, filmed by people who have most likely done this type of jobs more than once before.

Even so, with all the skills and preparations, the danger factor cannot be eliminated entirely. It's about a motorcycle traveling at high speed exiting a turn, and even the slightest alteration to the racing line could result in several good inches towards the curb.

The bike is not exactly millimeters away from the tripod camera, but neither is it too far. In fact, all you have to do is look at where the bike's front wheel passes and get a good measure of things.

Factor in the speed and the fact that the rider can't make any last-minute changes to his line, and you'll understand better that being a camera guy can be, at times, a bit like roulette. You make a choice and then hope for the best.


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