Truck Driver Causes Extreme Crash on Highway

When driving a truck, you should be aware of the increased stopping distances, not very responsive steering and general lack of agility of your vehicle. Thus, you should always add an extra element of caution into the mix, just to be on the safe side, and leave a little bit of extra room between you and the vehicle in front, and always indicate when changing lane or direction.
However, this truck driver gets caught off guard, and nearly rams into the back of a slower moving truck. He panics, pulls hard on the steering wheel, and completely blocks three lanes of traffic, causing a mini-pileup! None of the other cars involved suffered particularly extensive damage, but the sheer severity with which the truck plants itself in the inner wall of the highway is just scary.

Nobody appears to have been hurt in the incident, though, but if the other drivers did not stop in time, and had just enough time to brake and shave off enough speed, this could have turned out much worse.
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