Truck Crushes Ducati Monster, the Rider Barely Escapes Being Killed

Careless truck driver smashes a Ducati Monster 1 photo
Photo: Youtube capture
The mind-blowing scenes you are about to watch take place in London, UK's capital city. The UK, like some other countries around the world, uses driving on the left side of the road, and this also means that the steering wheel of vehicles in located in the right half of the cabin
Now, trucks are having quite a hard time taking sharp turns, and this is happening everywhere, regardless of what side of the road motorists use. When it comes to trucks, the worst part is that the tall cabin restricts the field of vision on the vertical axis.

This means that under a certain distance (that varies with the height of the cabin) the driver will not be able to see what is going on around the lorry. This situation can become risky, because it will be impossible for the driver to see children, cyclists, bikers, and even shorter individuals that may be close to the lorry.

And if the driver is not paying enough attention, things are even worse

Now, it looks like in this particular case, the driver was not paying enough attention to what's happening on the street he was steering towards.

If you ask me, watching out for incoming traffic from that street should have been his priority, especially as he was driving his truck in the opposite lane. The chances of meeting other vehicles traveling there were quite high, as the very video shows.

Now, even though the bike has come to a halt, this incident seems like also involving target fixation. The rider obviously panicked and forgot to use the horn. The truck driver would have heard him (maybe) and understood that something was wrong. He could at least slow down enough to allow the rider to push his bike backwards a bit out of his way.

Nevertheless, even if his bike was heavily mauled, the chap was very lucky to have jumped from it just in time to avoid being squashed into a pulp. The camera on his helmet will help him get a full refund for the bike, but still I believe that honking could have spared him this terrible crash.

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