Rider Racing on Australian Highway Crashes Hard, Almost Pulverizes Four Innocent Pedestrians

Racing on busy roads is already a dangerous thing, but being also reckless and ignoring the basic road safety regulations such as traffic lights is the shortest way to the hospital, and even to the grave.
An illegal bike road race ends up with a huge crash 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
The footage below comes from a traffic surveillance camera on Gympie Road in Lutwyche, Brisbane, Australia. The first rider can be seen approaching at a high speed and with no intention to brake or stop. Still, the moving cars can be observed seconds before the impact, but the rider doesn't even slow down.

Some say that the motorcyclist trusted the power of the bike too much, maybe hoping to dash across the intersection before the cars intersect his trajectory. Needless to say that this was the most stupid decision this fellow made, as the odds of crashing into one of the cars crossing the junction were literally sky-high.

Running the red doesn't work like action movies show it

Another possible scenario sees the fellow with a last-minute dash of hope to squeeze between two cars, not unlike things often happen in action movies. If this is the case, it means that the fellow is even sillier and more mindless than we expected in the first place.

The whole thing could have turned into an even bigger, much nastier crash. Watch the video closely and observe how closely the bike passes to the unsuspecting pedestrians after being clipped by the car. At that speed, the bike acts more like a shell coming from a cannon, and would effectively tear the human body to pieces.

Some debris from the crash are likely to have touched the two pedestrians in the front, but they seem to be just fine.

The second rider stops, realizes that things got serious and then flees

The second rider stops for a moment, assessing the situation and understanding that things have just gotten way too serious, and decides to split.

He isn't too bright, either, as he is almost crashed into a car, as he also runs the same red light. Reportedly, witnesses have testified that the second rider actually fled the site, not willing to become involved in what the police would later find out to be a road race between the two bikers.

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