Trinity Unveils Bigger, Portable Wind Turbines That Could Power Your EV

Whether or not the Volkswagen scandal will offer some fresh air to the plug-in automotive industry is still not clear, but it’s quite obvious it will affect the petrol-munching industry in some way in the years to come. Electric vehicles could make for a good replacement for diesel vehicles, especially that it appears the market is growing exponentially.
Trinity Unveils Bigger, Portable Wind Turbines That Could Power Your EV 1 photo
Photo: Kickstarter
We’re not here to discuss how Volkswagen’s cheat on emission tests will change the automotive world, even though our topic concerns the issue up to some point. Somewhere up north, in Iceland to be more precise, there’s an eco-conscious team of brainiacs looking for new ways to harvest green energy, energy that would eventually charge our cars too.

They’ve started with a smaller model, back in 2014, and now have launched a new Kickstarter campaign asking pledgers for support. The interest did not fail to come, and it arrived with the fastest train in town, considering they almost reached the goal in about a day.

In just a couple of words, Trinity is a portable, light-weight and cheap wind turbine that just got big enough it could even power your house and, why not, your EV. Designed in different models, the biggest one generates up to 2,500 watts and makes it in as low as 2 m/s (4 mph) wind. All units come with a built-in battery pack that can be replaced if needed.

The company claims they are using the same types of batteries electric cars have and that they all come with a two-year warranty. All turbines have three blades and three legs - therefore its name - and all external surfaces are made from strong and durable plastic material.

The bigger units, Trinity 1000 and Trinity 2500, have a grid tie inverter so they can synchronize to the power supply system of your home or RV and, therefore, feed electricity straight into all outlets of your home.

Not only are these turbines a lot lighter and easier to mount, but according to the company making them, they also are a lot cheaper. Just check out the Kickstarter video below and convince yourself.

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