Trabant Driver Blames Snails After Rolling His Car On The German Autobahn

Accidents on the highway can happen because of numerous reasons. A Trabant driver from Germany has found a new cause - snail slime.
Trabant 601 driving on German autobahn 2 photos
Collage of crashed Trabant on German autobahn and the snails that caused it
In the funniest police report regarding an accident on the highway, representatives of the German Police have explained that a group of snails attempted to cross the motorway, and that their trail of slime has made a Trabant driver roll his car.

The Bielefeld Police Department, located near the German town of Paderborn, has reported that they encountered an accident caused by slippery road conditions on the morning of June 29, 2016.

Apparently, a young driver who was approaching the motorway exit labeled “Paderborn Zentrum” rolled his Trabant after skidding on what was a seemingly dry layer of asphalt. His car was flipped, but he survived the accident without any injury.

Highway police officers reached the scene, and they discovered that a group of snails had attempted to cross the road.

They left a trail of slime on the road, which was traceable from the embankment. Unfortunately for the young Trabant owner, the slippery snail slime was enough to make the little tires of his car lose grip and caused an accident.

This news is funny only because nobody got hurt, but police officers noted that they have never witnessed this phenomenon before. No other vehicles were affected by the situation, as the morning sun helped the patch of road dry off. As Germany’s The Local reports, most of the snails escaped the scene unharmed, and were spotted traveling through the grass.

Unfortunately, nobody at the scene had the inspiration to take pictures with a device that has better graphic performance than a regular potato, so we had to use a different image of a Trabant on a motorway to illustrate this article. Regardless, we made a collage of the pictures provided by the Paderborn police, and you can see it in the photo gallery. We apologize in advance for the shoddy quality of the image.


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