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Toyota Trademarked the 'S-FR' Name, We Hope It's For Supra's Successor

We had plenty of time to pick up our dropped jaws from when Toyota presented the FT-1 Concept, and we don't think it's necessary to twist the knife and say the FT-1 will be the next Supra. However, we will take our chance and say the Toyota S-FR is Supra's successor.
Toyota FT1 1 photo
We've filtered a lot of rumors about an upcoming Toyota model bound to replace the mighty Supra, from some voices saying the car will cost more than a Chevy Corvette to the well-known claims Toyota and BMW are working on a sportscar that could be the next Supra.

Leaving speculation aside, we'd like to turn our attention to more palpable issues. Like the fact that Toyota just trademarked what looks like a new name for one of their cars: S-FR. On that note, try not to confuse it with the FR-S moniker used by Scion to sell what some know as the Toyota GT86 or Subaru BRZ.

According to the filing made on May 28, 2015, to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the name S-FR refers to 'automobiles and structural parts thereof'. It also received the serial number 86643734 and was tagged as live on the USPTO website.

Regarding the new Supra, it is believed to make contact with the automotive world somewhere around 2017, which means in will be marketed as a 2018 model year. Moreover, given BMW's input the sportscar's inception, potential buyers might benefit from a six-cylinder petrol powerplant working its mojo under the hood. We also hope a lot of the car's design will come for the FT-1 prototype, for a well-rounded overall package.


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