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Toyota Gazoo Racing North America Expands into NHRA, Here's Why It's Groundbreaking

You wouldn't believe the fuss people kicked up back when Toyota joined the almost exclusively American-operated NASCAR Cup series back in 2004. Some people, even today, are still not over it. With that in mind, we can only wonder if the response to Toyota Gazoo Racing North America joining the famed National Hot Rod Association drag racing circuit.
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Toyota Gazoo Racing North America (TGRNA) already competes in North America under the Formula DRIFT and GT4 series outside of old-fashioned American drag racing. But the team's entry into one of America's racing past times sends a clear message.

The top prize in drag racing is up for anyone with the technology to claim it, regardless of where it is headquartered, even in Japan. Still, TGRNA plans to use American drivers and use mostly American hardware in their pursuit of racing immortality.

"The opportunity to introduce TGR North America to the NHRA community in 2022 and continue the support in Formula DRIFT and GT4 competition is a big moment for everyone involved in Toyota's overall motorsports program," said Paul Doleshal, group manager, Motorsports and Assets for Toyota Motor North America.

The ability to showcase the GR family of vehicles on the race track and ultimately be a part of applying racing performance to production vehicles is something that we all strive for through motorsports. Showcasing the capability of our race enthusiast engineers to our new and existing fan base of enthusiasts is the overarching goal of the program." 
Very profound words from a manufacturer that doesn't often fall short of grandiose promises, just ask anyone who watches the LeMans racing series for proof of that. 

The NHRA regulated Toyota Supra Funny car will make its debut on the quarter-mile this upcoming 2022 season. It will find itself embattled with competition from Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler/Mopar American iron that's sure to test their metal at every single green light.

Meanwhile, their Formula DRIFT counterpart GR Supra and GR-86 are prepared to make their respective debuts this upcoming season as well. All in all, an exhilarating year for Toyota and their motorsports counterparts.

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